Should Your Business Be on Google+? [Infographic]

  • May 7, 2012
  • Inbound Marketing

     Social Media is on such a strong upward trend that it seems that new Social Networks are popping up everywhere. With that fact in mind, the subject question is a valid one. One has to be selective and cannot try to be all things to all people. As such, before jumping on any new Social Network make sure to


do your due diligence and research the pros and cons that each may have. At Onyx we always say that the advantage of opening an account on a Social Network is that it is free and easy, and that the problem with opening up an account on a Social Network is that it is free and easy. Because there is no barrier of entry, it seems that everyone is just trying to get on in order to just have a presence, yet most rush in without any type of a social media strategy and the return is non-existant. As such, entering a Social Medium should be considered just like any other major business decision and needs to be researched, strategized, and executed impeccably.

The infograhic below, from Blueglass for Chris Brogan, depicts several interesting facts about the benefits that Google+ offers businesses. We will focus on the first section which relates directly to the topic of this post. Google+ is still in its infancy, yet as of April of 2012 it claims to have over 170 million users (The infographic below is a few months old thus explaining the difference in number of users). So here are 4+1 reasons as to why you would want to have your business showcased on Google+:

It is indexed by Google (the search engine). Since Google commands about 2/3 of all online searches, having a business page on a social network that is actually indexed by Google has a HUGE advantage, and tremendous SEO implications. Facebook is not indexed by Google, nor is Twitter (at least not anymore, it used to be). Also, if people have +1 (“+1” is the Google+ equivalent of the Facebook “like”) your business or Google+ post, then individuals within their network will see your company placed higher in the rankings because of that social “recommendation”, thus essentially giving your company a ranking boost. So bottom line, Google+ makes is easier for your business to be found.

It is a clean experience. With some of the other Social Networks being so crowded with options and content, Google+ does a very good job at keeping the interface quite clean. It has recently given its network somewhat of a facelift, making it more friendly towards visual content. No doubt in response to the recent release of Facebook’s Timeline.

Google+ users are quite engaged. About 50% of all Twitter users login every day, while 60% of all Google+ users login on a daily basis. Actually 80% of Google+ users engage at least on a weekly basis.

It is growing and growing very fast. Just a few months ago the number of users were at 90 million as displayed in the infographic, yet the latest numbers puts them already close to 170 million users!

Of all the reasons above we believe that reason #1 alone is worth the value to be on Google+. So above we mentioned that we were listing 4+1 reasons. The reason we separated this 5th reason is that it may not be relevant to all businesses but it is extremely valuable for those that could make use of this demographic. Pinterest is now well-known, and it has gained a reputation to be a Social Network that has an overwhelmingly female user-base. Actually a study has shown that women are more likely to have a blog and to have a Facebook profile than men. Then the next question is: where have all the men gone? The answer: Google+! Close to 70% of the Google+ users are men. Most of them young, in their 20’s or 30’s. So if you are a business that caters to men, especially in that age group, do you now have a reason to get onboard!

Have fun with the infographic below, it is full of additional details, and since we are on Google+ ourselves we will shamelessly ask you to kindly add us to your circles on the conveniently located widget in the right column of this page. Thank you.

What has your experience been on Google+ so far? If you are not on it yet, are there any particular reasons that are holding you back?


Why Your Business Should be on Google+


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